Hi, this is YepLike! Startup in 72h

Hi, my name is Fabio. A few nights ago, on Friday February 18th while delirious from a high fever and flu, and frankly pissed off ( how could it be possible for a man aged 33 to catch a fever just like a baby?) I had a stupid idea that was just as nice: I want to
be able to stick a Like or Dislike, thumps up or thumbs down on everything that
doesn’t work in the real world… no more Internet of things or augmented reality… a
simple “Like” of things!

Without even checking whether online something similar was already uped in the
midst of a startup euphoria (the state Nicola Mattina defines as my “compulsive
startupping” behaviour …) I started fast designing and I prepared a mockup with
Balsamiq. After a couple of two hours of scrawls, some jotted down lines on a piece of paper and some ER schemes I decided to go ahead : I want to do a startup in 72 hours, and its name will be YEPLIKE.

In order to succeed an effective and optimized plan was needed:

  1. Team and roles definition
  2. Core functionalities and capabilites settings
  3. Infrastructure and technology definition
  4. Bare bones no fluff.
  5. Development and Buzz!
  6. AppleStore delivery

Let’s start with step number one: team and roles.
I usually like to share all my new initiatives with Indigeni Digitali team and see who wants to be involved. In this case I didn’t got much time so I decided to go on Crino77 and Alisoba without any risk; after all, If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so same team of Baby 2.0.
The role were the same too: Crino was in charge of mobile development, Alisoba
in charge of design/web/comunication and Marketing / Web and fuffa varie for me.
First checked with an email for sharing idea and mockup. An email sharing all of
the above is sent and step n.1 is checked.

Step number two: Core functionalities
At the beginning of a project it’s easy to let the grandness overcome and start
daydreaming about lots of functionalities. The consequences are longer release and
starting dates. I definitely do not want to make that mistake: few features but
now. Yeplike goal iso ne and only: you take a picture you add a like or dislike
watermark, you geotag it and you share it on the website. We’ll think about other
features later on.

Step number three: Infrastructure and technology definition.
Considering this app’s core feature (taking pix and sending them to the server),
should it reach high traffic volumes the system will have to rapidly scale as far
as storage and database and dedicated bandwidth are concerned.

The first idea that popped into my mind was Amazon fast check between activation and testing the time We then opted for a temporary service, a dedicated technology: Objective-C for iPhone, PhP e MySQL as application.

Step number four: Bare bones no fluff. As for step number two once a new project has started you want it to be released “tops”. I then asked myself a question: “Does
perfection exist or should I just strive for it?” I opted for the latter since here we’re talking about a startup made in 72h, we need to be aware there will be soo many things to be improved. Let’s set a decent and intuitive UI and a solid system….the rest will come.

Step number five: Development and Buzz! The development started for the web and the iPhone app at the same time. We have APIs which provide methods for Registration, Login and Posts on one side and for mobile device integration on the other. Then the web front end. Being a firm believer of the need of marketing campaigns also for startups (contrary to general beliefs) as the development moved forward I started spreading the word around, generating some buzz and collecting the first beta invites
emails. We currently have 350 pending requests (50% of which from abroad)

Step number 6: App Store delivery. All of the above has been achieved in 7 days
but with an effective working time of only 72 hours!

Since this morning our pending Apple Store Status is: Review so in just a few hours
Yeplike will be available. Without such a committed team it would have been impossibile to do it so… Thanks Cri and thanks Ali!

We just have to wait and see.

But to think o fan iPhone app to like or dislike things when Facebook decide sto
modify its Like button and Diesel Jeans launches a Dislike application… Makes me
hope for the best.

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