YepLike! now in App Store!

Hi guys!

Last night YepLike has finally been released on the Apple Store! You can download it directly from here or look for it in the App Store  as “YepLike” … or een as “Dislike” 🙂

What is YepLike!? YepLike is a fun way to share with your friends your “like”s and “dislike”s through a series of pictures. Snap a photo with your iPhone, then choose if you Like it or Dislike it. YepLike is to free apps!

So is it all clear now? You will find more information in the FAQ section of the site otherwise:

Once downloaded the application, register and then begin to share photos on Facebook and YepLike. This is a quick update releasing new features: the user gallery, the public gallery and the map of “Like”s and “Dislike”s around you. Other activated functions along with the ability to share pictures with your friends are already on the website.

So what are you waiting for ? Start expressing what you think about the world around you!

YepLike Staff

Twitter: @yeplike

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