Like or dislike, but… also Win or Fail, Love or Hate!

Hi Yeplikers,
as you may have noticed an update to Yeplike’s new version has been released a few days ago (v.1.2). If you have not done it already (shame on you!!) you can Download it now and start using Yeplike’s new functionalities.

What’s new in version 1.2.0

  • Twitter integration
  • New badges: Win/Fail and Love/Hate
  • Rating system (1 to 5 stars)
  • User’s gallery
  • Minor fixes and optimizations
  • New badges
  • Compatibility with 4.1 ios version;

If you’ve already used the app, you may have noticed that we have introduced the possibility of switching badges to express new and different opinions (WIN/FAIL – LOVE/HATE) via your pictures. To unlock these new badges just invite your friends to sign up to Yeplike.

There are three ways you can do it:

  • by sharing your referral link via Facebook or Twitter or any other social network
  • by using the “invite friends” function on Yeplike’s website
  • by using the “invite friends” function on the badge selection screen

New Website
Yeplike’s website has been updated to support the app new functions. You can now:

  • Search your friends and follow other Yeplikers
  • Share your “Yepexperiences” on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare
  • Check your gallery and manage your pictures
  • Search and save your previous searches
  • Embed the search html code to your website
  • Check the Top Yeplikers chart
  • What’s next

Yeplike had a great start so we are already planning version 2.0. Want to know what’s cooking?

  • Friends’ search and invite functions
  • Personal and friends’ gallery feed
  • Pictures comments
  • Pictures chart
  • Map based searches and nearest pictures visualization
  • Android and Windows Phone versions
  • Yeplike API release

As you can see we are looking forward to improving your Yeplike experience with lots of fresh new ideas, so stay tuned and help us spread the word around!

YepLike Staff

PSSSSSS!!! If you “like using Yeplike” please rate it 5 stars on iTunes ; )


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