Problems with Yeplike’s sharing function on Facebook

Hi Yeplikers,

many of you have been reporting some problems with Yeplike’s sharing function on Facebook since yesterday afternoon (04/29/2011).

Unfortunately this is a known issue: by selecting the “share on Facebook” option (or by trying to authenticate via Facebook connect) you will receive an error message saying: “An error occurred with Yeplike! Please try again later.

As you may have read online or learnt via our Twitter feed, a Facebook automated system arbitrarily disabled Yeplike removing the app with no prior notice, automatically disabling Yeplike’s sharing option.

And on top of it all the Facebook team wiped out all of your pictures from your walls and your stream along with the relative comments and likes.

Following our emails and communications with Facebook we learned that the application’s previous status will not be recovered (since Facebook officials are stating that those procedures are irreversible) and we have been invited to re-create a new application (thus meaning the release of an app update on the iTunes store and its consequent approval).

While waiting for further explanations form Facebook we have already submitted the app for review to Apple. We feel confident the service should get back to normal in 4/5 days .

There are no words to express how sorry we are… we will keep you posted as further details become available.

Thanks a lot for your patience and for your kind support.

The Yeplike Team

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